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Anger Solutions, New York is the first of its kind, providing quality Anger Management within a family setting, relationship, individual, and all court ordered situations...

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The first step in living a happier and healthier life is to reach out for help. Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. Today we look for results in all aspects of life, at Anger Solutions, New York that is exactly what you will get, exceptional care and outstanding patient/client experience. That is another reason why we were voted Best Counseling Service for emotional /anger care in the Westchester, New York, Hudson Valley Region

                                   THE HUDSON VALLEY ,  NEW YORK

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Anger Solutions New York is a Nationally Certified Anger Management Company. Our theory/curriculum of therapy, anger management. stress, assertiveness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence has been applied to members of fortune 500 companies, corporate development and human resource departments, rehabilitation facilities, and colleges as well as many state government agencies.

Our Anger Management Solutions are appropriate for self, court referrals, employees, managers, probation, students, and corporate.

Talk is still the best medicine. Talking in a helpful, calming relationship can free people from troubling patterns of behavior and make it possible for you to have a wider range of choices in life. If I am not able to work with you because of clinical reasons, I can refer you to a network of professionals to be sure your treatment is in the right place.

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                                                                     *OUR ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM
                                                      IS ACCEPTED BY ALL COURTS NATIONALLY

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