Corporate Anger Management Classes

This page is for corporations seeking anger management training for your employees. If you are a employee seeking our online anger management class, register for an individual Anger Management Program.

Our corporate online anger management class is ideal for employees who need an workplace anger management class as part of a preventative skills training or as a requirement of a disciplinary action.

Our online anger management classes are available to the employee 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any computer with Internet access. This process has to be [email protected]

Each employee is also monitored with an employee “log”. This log will show their progress though the course including which quizzes were passed and how much time was spent on each lesson. It will also show the time they logged in and out of the program. Once the employee finishes the course, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the employer. Visits and workshops for employers are done at work sites or call for your group classes.

How does Corporate Training Work? The first step is to call or email our office so that we can learn more about your organizations needs. Most companies like to have our agency perform an on-site training as either part of a regularly scheduled training or company meeting while some will elect to have a special training organized for specific staff members. For trainings over30 employees, we typically like to interview some key staff to develop what is called a "Needs Assessment". This will better help our staff understand not just what HR is requesting, but what the actual participants are hoping to learn. We also offer pre and post evaluations for participants. These will help those attending better understand what they need to learn as well as show what they have retained after the seminar.

Corporate anger trainings can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on what your companies expectations are for achieved results. Training over four hours are usually more didactic, with participants going into break-out groups and practicing skills with a group leader. Shorter workshops are usually in the form of a presenter using client workbooks, a power point presentation, and the use of DVDs. There will be group discussion and participation, as well as a detailed Q & A during and at the end of the presentation.

Most companies view stress and anger management as well as violence prevention and assertiveness training as a cost savings, as skills in these areas can greatly reduce liability, absenteeism, and improve moral and productivity. Please feel free to [email protected]

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