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Rich Esposito, CAMS, MS, Anger Management Treatment

Who Is Prof. Rich Esposito, M.S. The Anger Specialist?

Prof. Rich Esposito, M.S. CAMS. is a top Selling Author, "The Evolution of Student Behavior" on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, plus a highly sought after Anger Specialist, Counselor, Life Coach, a Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist in Education, and a certificate in Modern Psychotherapy. He blends talk therapy with forward and positive change to help his clients inner true potential that is stuffed and impacted with anger. He offers a unique counseling service of combining anger counseling with talk therapy that gets to the core root of the issues you are experiencing and helps you move forward with your Life.

Prof. Rich Esposito, M.S. holds a Master in Science in counseling education and is a graduate of both Purchase College and Long Island University. He is certified as a National Anger Management Specialist Level 11, and has clients that are recognized around the country.

Prof. Rich Esposito, M.S. CAMS has also been featured on NBC, Bronx Times, The NY Post, Parent Magazine, Westchester Magazine, The Viking, and a variety of other journals and magazines.

Purchase College
Long Island University
Nationally Certified in Anger Management Therapy(NAMA)
 Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Psychology Today Profile
Certified Life Coach
Certification in Anger Management (A.M.P)

Additional Training
Albert Ellis Institute
anger management

Professional Activities and Memberships
ACA member

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