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Anger Management






We are the #1 source for lawyers who are requesting Anger Management for their clients!!


It is important to understand that frequent anger can lead to a variety of social and physical problems. Today data shows that anyone who engages in high levels of anger are more likely to have trouble maintaining social relationships and are at risk for medical conditions. 

Certainly, expressing emotional aggressive behavior can have important value in our society. However, longterm anger is typically problematic and often leads to significant mental health problems and, sometimes legal issues. Sometimes psychological treatments suchas, assertiveness training, barbing and other cognitive behavioral techniques have been proven effective in reducing anger responses and increasing prosocial behavior. 

At Anger Solutions, New York, we provide court approved Anger services. We have empathy for clients, who due to a busy life are unavailable to attend In-class services or therapy sessions on anger because of a conflict between work schedules, traveling, child rearing responsibilities or school obligations.

I offer an affordable Anger Management program or therapy for clients or employees. It is completely effective. All programs or individual therapy sessions will meet:
1) legal and employment obligations
2) You will learn skills for future success
3) De-escalate potential violence
4) Most important receive a certificate of completion
5) Meet court mandated requirements for Anger Management
** I provide saturday classes for 6 or more clients who can meet the 8hr requirement for Anger Management
*  Clients who gather 6 or more clients into class can receive their registration for FREE. A value of $199/including a Free Anger Assessment/ A value of $150

At Anger Solutions, New York, a Hudson Valley Family Life extension, has meticulously selected an Anger management curriculum that is court approved, and accepted Nationwide, all 50 states and internationally!! 
Or just simply call us @ 917-714-0004, to get any other info about the Anger Management Program Online.










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